Breaking new ground

Emergent Mining Technology is an intellectual property and technology development enterprise. EMT invests in the development of innovative mining technologies dealing with energy efficiency in mining operations and processes, with a specific focus on input energy minimisation techniques in mining practices. EMT holds several current and pending Patents in these related fields and it seeks to licence these to industry participants for the long term sustainability of the industry and the environment.


Fundamental Change in Mining Processes, Substantial Benefits

“REMS” is the name of the patented open cut technology developed by Emergent Mining Technologies Pty Ltd (EMT). REMS can be applied to almost all open pit coal mines where draglines are operated and can be undertaken without any significant capital investment as REMS largely utilizes the existing mining equipment.

Reducing Operating Costs, Increasing Production Capacity

REMS offers substantial benefits to new and existing mine sites with the capacity to reduce direct operating costs by up to 20% while increasing production of up to 50% from existing equipment. REMS also reduces Working Capital from mine inventories thus releasing cash from company balance sheets.

Reducing GHG Emissions, Reducing Rehabilitation Liabilities

REMS results in a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the open pit mining process of between 25% and 35%. The application of REMS results in a profound reduction in the mining area footprint, the significant reduction in rehabilitation costs and liabilities and the consequent reduction in rehabilitation bonds.