About EMT

Emergent Mining Technology is an intellectual property and technology development enterprise, which invests in the development of innovative mining technologies. Its primary focus is technology development in the field of input energy reductions.
The benefits of substantial reductions in the energy inputs and energy usage throughout the mining process include significant operating cost reductions, improvements in productivity and output, lower capital intensity and higher capital asset utilization, with a consequential and substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
Historical Context

The establishment of an enterprise focussed on the development of innovative and novel techniques to reduce the energy inputs in large scale mining operations was first conceived in the mid-2000’s by the company’s founder, Mr Brian MacDonald. The focus of the business was to achieve three Primary Objectives in the mining and extraction phase of the mineral resources industries, namely to:

  • Dramatically Improve Efficiencies;
  • Significantly Reduce Operating Costs;
  • Significantly Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The function of the business was planned to act as a technology developer, to attract investment into the development of innovative technologies, to progress these novel concepts through the phases of initial concept formulation, R&D and thence commercialisation. It was proposed that the business would make a commercial return through the licencing of such technology to the various industry participants which would benefit from the application of the technology platforms that had been developed.

The company, Emergent Mining Technologies Pty Ltd (ACN 168 363 317), was  incorporated in early 2014.

Ownership & Governance

Emergent Mining Technologies Pty Ltd is a private company with private equity ownership interests. The investing shareholders are primarily those parties who participated in the investment and development of the technology from its inception.

The company is governed through its Board of Directors, under the leadership of its Chairman and Executive Director, Mr Brian MacDonald. Details pertaining to Mr MacDonald and several of the key technical and independent experts that have been involved in the technology development and analysis, are included in the Key Persons section.